Tommy Jepp

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Tommy Jepp was born in 1971 in the diocese of Limburg in the shadow of the venerable cathedral. By Frankfurt standards, then, he is a typical “ingeplackter” Frankfurter.

As a young boy, he was familiar with Frankfurt from an early age, as his father worked for the air traffic control at Frankfurt Airport for over 40 years. Together with his son Tommy, he often hunted for special offers on the Zeil, went with him through the Kleinmarkthalle or to Gref Völsing on Hanauer Landstraße. Tommy’s love of soccer also drove him to the world’s smallest metropolis in his youth. Through the many stories from his family history, he began to be interested in the overarching historical context of Frankfurt and the region. He also became increasingly interested in the effects on the present and future of Frankfurt.

After his commercial education, Tommy moved to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the late 90’s, where he started his career in the international financial services sector. After marrying his Swedish wife and the birth of his three children, Frankfurt finally became his hometown. After many professionally successful years, he decided to step out in 2018 and embark on an exciting new career path in life.

As a certified tour guide, he now tells interested people stories and facts from the diverse and exciting city history of the former and present Frankfurt. He loves to interact with people and also enjoys sharing his personal views and feelings about this exciting city.

Tommy speaks German, English and the typical Hessian dialect.

Certified City Guide of the City of Frankfurt am Main | Tourismus + Congress GmbH Frankfurt

Member of the Association of Frankfurt City and Guest Guides e.V.

Member of the Federal Association of German Tour Guides e.V.